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ANIK (Hydro Kinaesthetic Therapists National Association) was officially established in 1966 out of a necessity to clarify what water rehabilitation entails and its benefits.

It is not our intention to go into an explanation and add to the confusion surrounding the myriad professions that provide services for individuals with psychophysical disabilities.
Instead, our focus is on the health professional environment, specifically the licensed physical therapists and developmental neuro and psychomotor therapists- the professionals who have recognized training and experience to practice water rehabilitation.  We have created the minimum standards of knowledge and behaviour by which physical therapists and hydro kinaesthetic therapists are held accountable to guarantee patients professionalism and safety in the work place. We emphasize hydro kinaesthetic therapy, which provides excellent support to the various rehabilitative methodologies within a holistic approach.

Hydro kinesthetic therapy: Thanks to medicine’s progress, life’s prospects for individuals who have experienced a disabling trauma have improved immensely. At the same time, the diversity of abilities has varied due to high levels of multi-trauma and vascular issues stemming from birth or after (traumatic vertebra medulla injuries, results of P.C.I., stroke, cranial injuries, etc.).

This fact has led us to approach the principle invalidating pathologies with the holistic rehabilitative intervention of hydro kinaesthetic therapy.

This approach, both in the strictly physiotherapeutic sense or from a social and recreational perspective, has an effective rehabilitative value. Water is the ideal environment, with its limited gravity, to enable differently abled patients a range of movements and therapeutic exercises that would otherwise not be possible, or difficult to implement, outside an aquatic environment.

Hydro kinaesthetic therapy enables patients the possibility to recover a movement’s picture schemes that have been rendered difficult to retrieve after a trauma or disease, due to immobility.  Immobility can lead to a movement’s image scheme being “lost,” or forgotten.  For instance, individuals affected my severe Infantile Cerebral Paralysis (PCI) have never seen a picture or experienced actual motor movements.  Patients are provided with diverse stimuli through hydro kinaesthetic therapy to learn or retrieve movement schemes and pictures, which in turn facilitate them in their recovery within the realm of their clinical status.

In motor damages of an injury to the SNC, especially in medulla injuries, a set of functional restrictions caused by atrophy due to non-utilization are often correlated.
Hydro kinaesthetic therapy is a valid therapeutic intervention implemented by physical therapists as well as developmental neuro and psychomotor therapists.

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